Weekly Rant: MLB Network, San Fran Giants and Derek Lowe

Posted on by Kerel Cooper


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2 Responses to Weekly Rant: MLB Network, San Fran Giants and Derek Lowe

  1. dave_doyle says:

    I really can’t figure out what the Giants are trying to do. They should go young and rebuild. But they just signed Randy Johnson and Edgar Renteria. It doesn’t make sense to me. As for Derek Lowe, I have a feeling that the Brewers are going to sneak in and offer him a big contract. Since they don’t have Ben Sheets or CC Sabathia, they really need a #1 starter. Lowe could fill that void for them.

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Thanks for the comment. I totally forgot about Renteria. It’s seems like the Giants are trying to take advantage of a weak division and win now. Granted Johnson and Renteria are past their prime but anything can happen in that division. I think the Brewers are one of the biggest loosers this off season. They lost Sabathia and Sheets and it doesn’t look like they can move Cameron. I don’t know if Lowe would go to the Brewers. I would think at this point in his career he would want to go to a team that gives him a better chance to win a world series.

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