Weekly Rant: Fighting Phils, Manny Still being Manny, Pesky Nats and More…

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

As I sit here sipping my coffee, wondering if it’s too cold outside to smoke a cigar, I got to thinking about a few baseball things that happened last week and it got me to thinking, maybe I should start a new series summing up my thoughts on the week that was in baseball. So guys, here is my first post in what will become a “Weekly Rant” on a few things that happened during the prior week. Let me know what you think!

Manny Still being Manny:
It was reported earlier this week that Manny Ramirez is upset that he’s not getting the offers he would like and he might consider retiring. Manny has since come out and said that those reports are not true. Nevertheless, I think it’s time that Manny realize a couple things:

  1. When you think about the big bats that are on the market, teams may be more interested in Mark Texeria over Manny. I know they play different positions but if you need a bat, Texeria might be a better option because he’s younger.
  2. While Manny is a great hitter, all of his antics he pulled in Boston may have turned some teams off. The “Manny being Manny” phrase may be wearing a little thin with some folks. 

Fighting Phils:
I’m wondering why the Phillies are paying so much attention to the Mets? Cole Hamels was on WFAN earlier this week and stated that the Mets are choke artist. During the Phillies World Series Parade, Jimmy Rollins made reference to the Mets and Johan Santana. Isn’t all this smack talking the Phillies are doing the same type of in your face celebration they hate the Mets for doing? Oh how I can’t wait for the first time these two teams play…

Those Pesky Nats:
You got to give it up to the Washington Nationals. They are trying their best to put a good product on the field this year. Earlier in the off season they traded for Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen. They most recently made contract offers to Mark Texeria and Brian Fuentes. I doubt either will sign but at least their GM is working hard and they are making an attempt to better the team.

Quick word of advice to the Nats. Try and build from within, put together a winning season or two first and maybe you will have better luck getting a big name free agent to sign. Would you sign with Washington right now if you were a big name free agent? I know I wouldn’t.

What’s Next for The Mets:
The New York Mets have now taken care of the Bullpen by signing K-Rod and trading for Putz. As I previously stated, that had to be their #1 priority so I am pleased that they took care of it. Now they need to turn there attention to starting pitching. I’d prefer to see them either sign Oliver Perez or Derek Lowe, or both :)
BUT at the same time let’s not forget about Left Field.

I said it before I want Manny. I’m one of the few people who don’t care about all the baggage that comes with him as long as he hits. I also think now may be the perfect time to grab him. He’s not happy with the way the Dodgers are handling his situation and no other team has made an offer. The Mets could swoop in and possibly get him on the cheap. What do other Mets fans think?

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