Baseball Winter Meeting – Closing Thoughts

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

As the meetings conclude this evening, I have two main take-a-ways:

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4 Responses to Baseball Winter Meeting – Closing Thoughts

  1. texowa says:

    Hey man I watched your two videos and I think what you have going on here is great. I really like what you are talking about. You really nailed it on your first video about what the Mets need. They went out and got the bull pen fixed. I am definitely with you on Manny as well, the Mets desperately need a leader in September and October. Thanks for checking out my blog, let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on what I should add and what not, any help would be greatly appreciated. But keep up the good work, I subscribed to your RSS feed so keep it coming!

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Hi texowa – thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. I hope the Mets can pull off Manny but I think it’s going to be difficult. Chances are I think he’ll stay with the Dodgers. Would love to keep in touch with you and exchange ideas. Are you on Twitter? If so, I’m at:

  3. scoty32 says:

    This is great stuff here, I love what you’re doing with the videos. If I weren’t media-retarded, I’d give it a shot myself.

    I also love what the Mets did get KRod and Putz, I think they’ve instantly made themselves one of the best, if not the best bullpen in the NL.

    Anyway, if you’re ever curious about the Red Sox, other Boston sports, or other random stuff, stop by my blog. I’ll be reading/commenting in the future, so keep up the good work.

  4. Kerel Cooper says:

    Thanks for the comments scoty32. What’s your blog url again? I will def check it out. You know, I’ve never been to Fenway and I have always wanted to go. Have you been?

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