Top 3 Priorities for the Mets this Off-Season

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

My first attempt at a video blog. My thoughts on what the Mets need to focus on during the GM meetings and remaining weeks leading up to the 2009 season. Let me know your thoughts.

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3 Responses to Top 3 Priorities for the Mets this Off-Season

  1. swamigp says:

    I like the Manny idea for the Mets. K-Rod should be a priority, you’re right about that. 28 blown saves this past season was ridiculous, and they need some middle relief. Oliver Perez should be resigned, and if he can be consistent, he could be a 1-2 punch with Santana. I also agree that Neise should get a shot. Good first video blog, a bit lighter hue though might suffice. (thanks for the Comment on my site; do you want to exchange sites to put on blogroll? if so comment on my site:

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    swamigp – thanks for the comments. Looks like the Mets took care of business today and got K-Rod?

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