Who I Would and Wouldn’t Sign

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

There are a number of interesting and notable free agents on the market this winter and GM’s across the league have some pretty tough decisions to make. My Thoughts on who I would and wouldn’t sign if I was a GM.

Aaron Boone, 1B – Pass

Boone hasn’t done anything since hitting the homerun to get the Yankees into the World Series.

Adam Dunn, RF – Pass

Something about Dunn that just tells me he’s not a “winning” player. He can hit but I don’t know if he’s good for team chemistry.

AJ Burnett, P – Sign

I would not depend on Burnett to be my ace, but he is definately a serviceable #2 or #3 starter. 

Andy Pettitte, P – Sign

If he plays next year, it will be for the New York Yankees and they need him.

Bobby Abreu, OF – Pass

Abreu is not a “winning” player. The Phillies didn’t start winning until they traded him and the Yankees haven’t done anything since he’s been there.

Brian Fuentes, P – Sign

Serviceable Closer.

Carl Pavano, P – Pass

The Yankees got burned on this one. If any GM signs this guy to big money they should loose their job.

Casey Blake, 3B – Sign

Versitile player, can play a couple different positions.

CC Sabathia, P – Sign

Single handedly took the Brewers to the playoffs. #1 free agent pitcher on the market.

Chad Cordero, P – Sign

I’m sure he still wants to be a closer but I would sign him as my set up man.

David Eckstein, SS – Sign

Doesn’t have the best physical tools but he hustles and is a “winning” player.

Edgar Renteria, SS – Pass

Overrated and always injured.

Francisco Rodriguez, P – Sign

I would sign him because the pressure would be too great to pass on someone coming off a record year but K-Rod scares me. For all the saves he had this year I can’t get out of my head that the one time the Angels had a “must win” game last year, K-Rod blew the playoff game against the RedSox’s which turned that series upside down.

Garret Anderson, OF – Sign

I like Anderson. He can do a lot of different things.

Ivan Rodriguez, C – Pass

Best days are behind him.

Jamie Moyer, P – Sign

He probably won’t duplicate his 16 wins from last year but it doesn’t hurt to have a veteran who understands how to pitch on your staff. If you can plug him in as you 4th starter, why not?

Jason Giambi, 1B/DH – Pass

Best days are behind him. Average DH at best.

Jason Varitek, C – Sign

I’d sign Varitek as a back up catcher. He can’t hit anymore but he can still call a good game.

Jim Edmonds, OF – Pass

20 Homeruns last year but he won’t do that again.

Joe Crede, 3B – Pass

Stop gap player if healthy. Prefer to bring in someone long term.

John Garland, P – Sign

Steady pitcher. Solid #3 or #4.

John Smoltz, P – Sign

Smoltz probably won’t be back from injury until sometime around the all-star break. If you can sign him for cheap he might be that pitcher at the break that everyone wants to trade for. Could proove to give a team in the race a boost.

Kenny Roger, P – Pass

Not a big game pitcher.

Kerry Wood, P – Pass

I know he had some success as a closer but too many injuries.

Manny Ramirez, OF – Sign

Yes he comes with some baggage but Manny is Mr. Clutch

Mark Prior, P – Pass

Too many injuries.

Mark Teixeira, 1B – Sign

Best 1b Baseman on the market.

Mike Hampton, P – Pass

Thanks but no thanks. Has not done anything since his career year with the Mets 8 years ago.

Mike Mussina, P – Sign

I think he will stay with the Yankees. He has something left in the tank and will be effective over the next couple of years.

Milton Bradley, OF/DH – Sign

If he keeps his head screwed on straight, Milton Bradley is a very good player. I would not count on him to lead my team but if you can put him in a situation where the spotlight is not shining bright on him, he can be effective.

Moises Alou, OF – Pass

All Moises Alou does is hit..If he’s healthy and that’s a big big if. Too big of an if to take a chance on.

Oliver Perez, P – Pass

As a Mets fan, I’ve seen enough. I’m tired of waiting on Oliver Perez to show up. He has all the tools to be a very good pitcher but mentally I don’t know if he’s ever going to get there.

Orlando Cabrera, SS – Sign

Cabrera does a lot of little things. He’s in the category of a “winning” player.

Orlando Hudson, 2B – Sign

Excellet, Excellent player. You can plug Hudson in at 2B for the next 7 years.

Pat Burrell, OF – Pass

I don’t care what he did for the Phillies this year. I’ve seen enough of Pat Burrell to know he can be a pain in the you know what.

Pedro Martinez, P – Pass

What more can I say but it’s over.

Raul Ibanez, OF – Sign

Ibanez is not going to break any single season records but he is solid and steady.

Sean Casey, 1B – Pass

Just not enough there anymore. Could be a bench player but you could probably go elsewhere to fill that need.

What are your thoughts? Whether you agree with me or not, one thing is for sure, this off season will be fun!

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