MLB Regular Season Awards

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Rookie of The Year: Alexei Ramirez 2B

  • When I saw Ramirez play for the Cuban Team in the 2006 World Baseball Classic, I said to myself “The Mets have got to get this guy”. Oh do I wish someone was listening to me then. In his first year in the big leagues, Ramirez batted: .290, 22 2b, 21 HR and 77 RBI’s while helping the Chicago Whitesox win the AL Central.

Cy Young: Cliff Lee P

  • No Question here. 22-3, 2.54 ERA, 170 Ks. Enough Said.

MVP: Kevin Youkilis 1B

  • I’ll go with Youkilis here. The Boston Redsox are one of the toughest teams in baseball and through all the injuries this year, and dealing with the mess that is Manny Ramirez, there has been one constant keeping the ship steady and that is Kevin Youkilis. .321 Avg, 29 HRs,  115 RBI’s, 43 2B.

Rookie of The Year: Geovany Soto C

  • One the new young exciting catchers in baseball. Soto helped the Chicago Cubs get off to a fast start in the division and they never looked back. 285 Avg, 23 HRs, 86 RBIs while catching in 141 games. Not bad.

Cy Young: Johan Santana P

  • I am sure I will be called a homer for this pick but let’s look at the numbers. 16-7, 2.53 ERA, 206 Ks. Plus Santana had 13 quality starts this year where he either got the loss or no decision. With all due respect to Tim Lincecum and others if Santana had a bullpen he could have easily won 22/23 games. Let’s also not forget while all of Santana’s teammates were choking down the stretch, there was Santana in the month of September going 4-0 with a 1.83 ERA. 

MVP: Ryan Howard 1B

  • I’ll be totally honest. I searched long and hard to find someone else to pick. As a Mets fan, the last thing I want to see is any Phillies win any award. With that said, forget the .251 AVG. When it counted coming down the stretch, Howard put his team on his back and carried them to the finish line. 48 HRs, 146 RBIs while leading his team to their second straight NL East title.
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2 Responses to MLB Regular Season Awards

  1. ando775 says:

    Thanks for the comment on my World Series preview.

    AL ROY – Gotta disagree with you on this one. I don’t think there can be any question that Evan Longoria should be the ROY in the AL. Great numbers, great defense, and a major cog in the best baseball story of the year.

    AL MVP – Youkilis is certainly worthy, but I’d give it to Pedroia. When Lowell and Ortiz were hurt and Manny was being a jackass, Pedroia carried the Sox. I wouldn’t be mad if Yook won it, but I think Pedroia is more deserving.

    NL CY – Your point about Santana’s bullpen could be equally applied to Lincecum. Just off the top of my head I can recall at least 4 starts where Lincecum left the game leading after 7 innings and lost and I think something like five games where he gave up two runs or less and didn’t win. Plus he lead the majors in K’s. But then I like the Giants, so maybe I’m a homer too. :]

    NL MVP – Pujols is just too good and the Cards did contend until late. The guy is a machine.

    Good luck on getting your blog rolling.

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Thanks for the comments, ando775. I see your point on the ROY, Longoria had a great year and he’s going to be a superstar! I’m looking forward to game 1 tonight.

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