MLB Playoff Predictions

Posted on by Kerel Cooper


Chicago Whitesox vs. Tampa Bay Rays

  • Rays in 4. The Rays starting pitching will be key here.

Boston Redsox vs. LA Angels

  • I like the Angels in 5. I think the Redsox’s will hang tougher then most people expect but I think this is the Angels year and I just love how they play the game.


Tampa Bay Rays vs. LA Angels

  • The Rays have had a great year but in the ALCS they will get a stern smacking from the Angels. Look for the Angels to win in 5.

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Philadephia Phillies

  • Phillies in 4. Last year the Phillies ran into a hot Rockies team and were swept in the first round. This year I think their starting pitching and bullpen will be too much for the young Brewers. Sabathia will probably only get one start in this series and that will be the only game the Brewers win.

LA Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs

  • Dodgers in 5. Cubs fans will have to continue to suffer. I think the Cubs have too many question marks in their starting pitching. We don’t know what they will get from Zambrano or Harden. I think Manny will have an excellent playoff run and carry the Dodgers.


Philadephia Phillies vs. LA Dodgers

  • I like the Dodgers in 6. Manny puts the team on his back and Joe Torre will out coach Charlie Manuel.


LA Dodgers vs. LA Angels

  • It’s a California affair and the Angels will win in 6. The Angels have been the best team in baseball all year long. They do it with starting pitching, bullpen, speed and power. I pick the Angels at the beginning of the season and I’m sticking with them until the end.
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